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Kochies Business Builders


This video demonstrates my music, mixing and sound design. I’ve been mixing David Koch’s Business shows for about fifteen years. His company Pinstripe Media make ‘Kochie’s Business Builders’ amongst a bunch of other productions and they have a great team, led by director AJ Koch. Audio wise this job involves a balance up, fixing and enhancing location sound, sound design for animations that appear in each episode, recreating sound elements for vision overlay and choosing and placing my music throughout.

Its early 2018 and we’re in the middle of series 11. Its a fantastic show to work on and the guys do really well not only to pump out the series each year, but also to produce extra video and information on the KBB website. So, if you need some business information, you know where to go! Tune in to the show on Sundays.

I’ve cut the interview section down in this video, but you can find the full version on the KBB website.

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