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I Am The Walrus


This is just for a bit of fun. Its an animated film I did for my HSC major art work. It was shot on Super8 film and is my attempt at animating The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”. The major problem was timing, figuring out how much I needed of each shot, shooting, editing to that timing sheet, then hoping it would sync up. It was very close, but I’ve tightened it up being that its soooo easy now.

I timed the track using an LP on a turntable with a strobe so that the speed would be exact, then laid back to the Super8 edit (on which I had to get a mag stripe laid along the edge) using the same turntable. Of course it took several attempts to get it to start at the right place!! Why did I use a cricketer for the main character? It was the times of the Packer Circus for those who remember.

It does contain some live footage that I shot here and there and some footage of a TV screen which dates it. I must say though, it got me my first job. Anyway, for those who like the band, I hope you enjoy the effort of a seventeen year old mind.

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