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Big Ted’s Big Adventure


Big Ted has always deserved his own show and he did well with a twenty episode series for the ABC. The series was directed by the talented Sarah Dabro and edited here in my building by Hamish Boyd of The Mustard Factory. Its great fun to work on a show like this and it requires a lot of audio work to help add fun for the kids viewing the show.

As they say ‘never work with animals’ and from an audio perspective, it’s true! The shows were shot mostly at zoos and of course there was a lot of ambient sound of people and various other noises, which left us with not so good animal sounds, and of course you can’t cue a tiger to roar! Just about all of the animal sounds in this series were sourced and placed by me as well as a great deal of foley work to mimic their movements. I added nice atmosphere tracks to fatten up the mix and give us a good stereo base.

This show was a massive hit for ABC Kids and even out rated and had more downloads than Pepper Pig! Well done Sarah.

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