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Active Kidz


So a lovely guy I used to work with had a daughter who wanted to create a TV show based on fitness for kids. She and her friend approached me and my former composing partner and asked us to write a theme song for them, called Active Kidz. We had some contacts at the ABC which helped get them signed for two TV series, one special and two albums. We composed all the music and co-wrote the lyrics with Active Kidz. The first series was a hit and a career was started. All went well for about three years, then as happens in show biz, it ended.

A few years later Active Kidz raised funding for another TV series which I ended up co-writing, directing, shooting and editing (I was once a cameraman and have produced a number of corporates), and of course I did the mix! This is part of a song I wrote and recorded for that series in a hip hop style. We had a great time making the third series which we sold to Nickelodeon.

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