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Hi. I am operating as normal from home, then back in the studio from April 3rd. If you need any voice recording, or audio post production during these troubled times, I’m available. My fellow workers in our building are also available for any editing/After Effects work you may need. Stay healthy!

I’m Geoff McGarvey and I own SoundEngine. Everyday, creative people bring creative productions to geoff consolemy studio and allow me to be creative! See the synergy there?

My passions are audio post and music from design to mix and with my creative clients, we communicate ideas because, that’s the real business in the studio, realising creative communication.

And it starts right here as sound, that stuff that gets into your head, even when you’re not looking at the source.

This is the about page so here’s a brief history. I trained at the ABC in all areas of production and became a cameraman working predominantly at the old Gore Hill studios. I had a great time there and worked on shows including Playschool, Mother & Son, GP, Countdown, Money or the Gun, plus live productions such as operas, symphonies, sports and even Live Aid. The ABC did offer a diverse menu!

I left the ABC to start my own recording studio, which has led me to working with every television network and a multitude of production companies. My work runs from recording hundreds of audio books to mixing documentaries, TV series, TVCs, corporate communications, radio ads and even doing live mixing for Disney around Asia, plus the odd bit of music here and there.

Working in a creative environment is what I love to do and I have benefited from the knowledge, experience and high production values of the people I have had the good fortune to work with over the years.

In my building are two other businesses, Take 2 Creative Audio (same business as me, we back each other up when needed) and The Mustard Factory which handles editing and After Effects.

A Few Facts about SoundEngine

hours of audio post

TV themes


Major Music Award

Clients I’ve worked with

    ABC TV, NINE, SEVEN, TEN, SBS, most major production companies, many agencies, live event producers. For these companies I have composed original music, audio post, location sound, live event sound, video production/editing, direction and writing. I have been lucky enough to work with not only a multitude of creative people but also across many aspects of audio and music production and creation.



Audio recording technology has advanced hugely in the past few years, to the point that many people record almost anywhere. I love this, because I get to fix it up! But, if you have your client coming to a voice over session, what do you think their expectation is? A studio like the picture below? I think it is. You need to impress them and make them feel comfortable.


The SoundEngine studio was professionally designed and tuned and the recording equipment is top notch. Its a place to work without distraction and focus on the job at hand.

And since we’re in the business of communication, getting the right take is a matter of direction, voice direction. With voice talent costs being high, we want to get it right the first time. You may be experienced and happy to direct yourself, or if you want help, I can take control and maybe give you ideas on how we can get more options. If you need advice on voice talent, I’m happy to help out and supply you with a list of suitable names.

The work I do encompasses many forms and I have a mix of long and short form work. I do a few television series each year, plus maybe a documentary, some long form corporate and even some ADR for feature films. I will also record and mix a lot of TV and radio commercials and TV promos. Corporate work features quite a bit these days as businesses see the benefits and need of having a video presence on the Internet.

Quite a bit of work these days involves repair to audio. I have many tools and the knowledge to make your audio acceptable again.

Sound design is another aspect of work often involving animation. I do like trying to find sounds for things that have no natural sound and its often surprising what works! Adding SFX to these productions really does lift them to another level.

Audio books have also been a big part of my work and I have recorded and produced hundreds of titles. The books range from preschool picture books where I also composed the music to contemporary adult fiction. This has led me to work with some fantastic actors, plus I get to read books!

desk thin

Music, its why I left the ABC all those years ago. The tricky bit is turning a brief into a sound and its very satisfying to get it right. Over the years I have written and co-written songs, TV themes, corporate themes, incidental music and weird, SFX/even I’m not sure/avant garde… stuff.

One thing that you do get to do when composing is work with some of this countries finest session musicians like, Peter Northcote, Brydon Stace, Bill Risby, Leon Gaer, Victor Rounds and more, all staggeringly good musicians and able to bring a polish that I would never be able to play. Of course this is all to make your music sound great.

So, with all that said, this is what the SoundEngine studio is for, a place to work in a focused way and achieve great communication.






audio post

Audio post production for all styles of production. Voice recording, mixing, sound FX and ADR.

original music

Composing original scores for all productions.

sound design

Give your pictures more life. Punctuate movements and ideas and take your production to another level.


Compiling and mastering of soundtracks and audio books for CD/DVD.



Click on either Audio Post, Music, Audio Books or Sound Design to sort the videos and hear samples of my work.



Geoff McGarvey

[P] 0408 472 658


1/101 Union St, McMahons Point, 2060


SoundEngine Production Music

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